Jujutsu Kaisen

their absence is sorely missed

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Why are they all women in this picture. Change them back to men

. . .

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I don't care, I want spoilers

JoGOAT is unchanged, among the heaven and earth, he alone is the honored one.


You not listing this carricature of a main character really tells use who you are, cloverdog

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my bad, was meant for this

You know you made jeremy seethe when you wake up banned with your posts deleted after he reported them while crying

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I genuinely didn't know about Black Clover. I never watched it.

yuji never cried in the story did he? just pure shock.

negative emotion is CE currency, hence top users either being brickfaced (yuta) or rather chill even in fights (gojo)

Why is Jogo the only one without tits in that image?

He cries right after Nobara's EXIT but gets interrupted.

I want to see more Rika.

He literally cried in the beginning, in the incomplete domain of the first finger bearer curse

What did he say?

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>God I fucking love bussy

why the fuck jogo wasn't genderbent. I crave volcan cyclop midget titties like you wouldn't believe

>she is a woman because she makes my dick hard and I'm not gay