There are 3 reasons why Sun & Moon is the best season

There are 3 reasons why Sun & Moon is the best season.

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Why is Any Forums suddenly full of pedophiles?

its the fucking anime board what do you expect

XY > DP > OS [KANTO] = SM > AG > JN > OS [JOHTO] > BW

oh sweet summer child

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I don't know, I'm seeing more than 3 there.


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I see six, actually

Out of 10.

I see twenty one.

>pokegirls will never be as good as alola girls again

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It's hilarious how Lana's mom isn't even from the game but she gets a ton of art every day

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aside from the boruto thread which is filled entirely with chris hansen admirers loli has always been a pillar of Any Forums.

love is love, bigot



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Do we agree with her? Is age just a number?

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Nessa is the sexiest pokegirl, I don't even have jungle fever

My cute and canon girlfriends.

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He say pokegirls, no spokeswoman.

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