ITT: Anime with banger OP/ED but is a shit anime

I'll start pic related

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Shit is a bit strong, but... meh


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It is basically playing nonstop at Lawson. I hate it.

Wrong thread mate

At least I got the shit anime part right

Why does Lawson like that song? Some kind of tie-up with the anime?

some good shit in the ost too

ITT: OP with a good thread concept but shit taste

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They play songs of whatever's popular or airing or whatever. They're also playing the theme song for some big fucking movie here and other shows, etc. When Spy x Family was airing they kept playing the OP as well.
Important note: Bokurano manga is fantastic, but anime adaptation? Not really, which is such a shame. OP is probably the best part of it.

Why couldn't it just be good?