How is this possible?

How is this possible?

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i tried to watch this meme show today after seeing it on Any Forums so many times. i made it to episode 9 before i had to just skip to the final episode, i was falling asleep. the art is good but the story and characters are just so awful

the explanation was some self wank 1,000,000,000 times folded katana meme

I've had the same experience not too long ago. The nipple scenes were a pleasant surprise, though. It made me realize how sterilized modern anime has become.

No it's not it's literally about magic swords

what's the name of this?

The manga (and light novel) are much better, the anime has a lot of changes that made some things worse, it wasn't a 1:1 adaptation and had a bunch of anime original stuff.

Magic sword summoned into existence by a demon using literal God's Blood as a material, which only exists for 60 seconds but can cut through any one thing.

Show was full of magical swords that could do everything from cause earthquakes, create forcefields, or give the ability to fly. But retards always seethe about katana, even decades later.

Katanas are shit swords, though, and they were usually made with extremely shitty iron, which was why the blades would need to be processed so much.
So you have a protagonist get to some fantasy world, and then have a blacksmith make a katana. The protag doesn't have the ability to use the katana effectively, and even if they do there is a 50/50 chance it snaps on the first bastard/broadsword it encounters.
Katanas were only really good because Samurai would use them to just cut through serfs/slaves that were wearing bamboo armor.

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sauce? always looking to add to the list

The manga is very good. The main girl is still annoying, but everything else is top tier. And Lisa is the best girl.

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You have an inaccurate view on katanas, likely spoonfed to you by some youtube "sword expert" with a hateboner for them. It's all just a cope over the katana being a popular sword across the world.

>You have an inaccurate view on katanas
>Refuses to elaborate
lmao k

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Cecily Campbell is great.

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Manga seems completely different in a good way

Wouldn't the top half just fly on her forehead anyway?

Would it be physically possible for an iron katana to cut an iron broadsword? I know that Force = mass * acceleration but the speed the katana would need to cut it that cleanly would be ridiculous, probably even faster than a bullet

I haven't watched the anime, but the manga feels pretty dark at times. Maybe it is that?

The show was forgettable, but this meme has really passed the test of time.

The manga was unforgettable. I'll remember it for as long as I live.