What do you hope to see from the upcoming 2023 Gridman movie?

What do you hope to see from the upcoming 2023 Gridman movie?

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Rikka doing Enjo Kosai

Yuta x Rika

lots of marital nakadashis and impregnation

Another boom of Rikka's fat thighs fanart on the internet

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My secret crush, Akane.

I dropped this because Rikka and MC did not end up together

An actual canonical panty shot for Rikka.

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thunder thighs

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Rikka's feet. For all the official art and fanart of her feet, we only see them just once in the anime itself.

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Yutachad impregnating his wife Rikka

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rikka taking thunderous backshots

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Something that will make the schizo leave for good.

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Some new Figma


Rikka is married to the commander of Azur Lane.


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