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Can't wait to hit the gym again.

I get that its comedic, but it makes me uncomfortable for some reason. That fuckin face I imagine

Hell yeah!

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You get used to it pretty quickly because he is bro as fuck

worked so many pumps to this show and baki. Having a home gym is a godsend

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How do I lose weight and look good without gaining muscle? I don't care about looking ripped or lifting weights.

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Cringe bro. Get big.

Unironically just lift weights

Saido chesto

These are Any Forums questions. Not that the majority of Any Forums actually lifts, but you'll have more luck there than here.

>lose weight
caloric deficit, eat less, focus on protein, lifting consistently, and cardio
>without gaining muscle
won't happen anyway on a deficit. But you WILL look like absolute shit (assuming your cut is successful) without building at least a little muscle for when your body is covered in saggy post-fatty skin

Do moderate exercise with the current diet you have

By having sex. Do it all day and all night.

does muscle bro get one of the girl ?
or is he a Any Forumscel or a gay ?

enjoy your stds, hedonist kun.

looking skinny and ripped is creepy as heck. Get at least slightly more muscle mass instead of looking like a cut skeleton

Apparently Hibiki wins the Machiobowl, but don't quote me on it

>when your body is covered in saggy post-fatty skin
Doesn't it just get reabsorbed with time?

To an extent. From what I've seen, the real obeasts that lose weight are cursed with flab flaps the rest of their lives, and if not they're still stuck with stretch marks.

>I just want to be skinny so I can look like my favorite anime character rather than have an actual good and normal IRL physique
if you don't have a real motivation to improve your health then it's not worth explaining

here's better advice: just don't get fat in the first place