Thoughts on these movies? I just finished watching Redline

Thoughts on these movies? I just finished watching Redline.

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seven years hand drawn

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Redline is amazing, one of the best movies ever.


People will suck them off because MUH ANIMATION though.

This. Truly incredible movie.

Both are masterpieces, but I like Hells better. It's just hard to beat that artstyle and atmosphere.

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See how hells is mostly ignored while redline the more shilled movie highly covered by reviewers is hyped up in this thread? Bunch of Sheeples.

Redline is good. Hells is obnoxious & forced.

Very pretty to look at but nothing special in terms of storytelling. Redline has a really stupid ending.

>One of the best
I wouldn't go that far...

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Pretty much this.

Hells felt weird to me. Like I was watching an anime season into one movie.


yellow line > rest of the movie

Redline is a good example that
some fags will only apply the "style over substance" argument when it best suits them.
This movie is great but its waay over-hyped & not one of the best movies the medium has to offer.

Hells is really great.
Redline is just an hour and a half AMV. The fact that someone came up with the idea to spend such resources on an anime version of "The Cannonball run" is both ridiculous and sad. It's absolutely deserved that the studio went bankrupt and almost died after that.

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You mean the thing the movie accomplished the thing it wanted to be

I'd they were sheeple more people would of watched Hells because the dub is done all by Team Four Star people
I can't think of a more normalfag thing then that

Kawajiri movies get called "style over substance" tho as a way to call them shit. How is redline different?

you don't watch redline, you experience it