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What's your opinion on this OL Shoujo manga?

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Fuck I guess Mahou OL would suit better.

I look forward to it more than CSM for my Tuesday Manga Plus fix.

My opinion is that Any Forums is blind for not recognizing this.

It's fucking great

I like it, I think a lot of the Jump+ stuff are actually better than shit from the main magazine like Doron (lol) and Earthchild (lol).

Let's not use a word that you don't know the meaning shall we?

Yeah I already admit my mistake

Looks pozzed.

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Super underrated and deserves more attention. This and Make the Exorcist Fall in Love are my two favorites in Jump+ right now

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>Make the Exorcist Fall in Love
Surprisingly really lewd and immoral for the cute artstyle. I love it. Leviathan being a tragic figure who is the way she is because she was made like that by God was a nice contrast to the other Lords of Sin.

Very interesting work manga.
I hope the manga will get enough serialization and be adapted into a TV anime.
Hopefully, there will not be a situation where the serialization will be cancelled due to lack of sales.

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There are too many best girls concentrated in this series.

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Does Jump+ manga need volume sales to survive? Yeah it might not run for too long, but four or five volumes seems guaranteed.

I'll have the yankee senpai as my wife, thank you

Fucking fantastic and deserves more recognition. I like the varied henshin sequences and styles between the various companies, and the plot is shaping up to be a pretty nice combination of business politics and typical MotW escalation. My only gripe is that everyone is old hags, but there's in-universe explanation for it and the artstyle is very cute and goes a long way towards ameliorating natural disgust.
Kind of worrying that yankee-senpai is starting to use melee attacks in the latest chapter though. If it starts to turn into shounen style weapon fights, it'll lose a lot of the charm it has currently.

I'll probably do a full storytime for it in a couple weeks, maybe after the current arc.

Worst costume design I've seen from Mahou Shoujo series.

Holy shit taste.