Crane school training revolves around developing fancy techniques like flight, growing two extra arms...

>crane school training revolves around developing fancy techniques like flight, growing two extra arms, splitting oneself into 4 copies, telekinesis and a beam that drains the user's life energy
>turtle school training is just working your ass out to increase your raw strength

Why do you think the Turtle school style proved to be more effective on the long term?

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Easier to write.


turtle school chads just learned the most useful crane techniques later

oh I forgot to mention the Tayoken/Solar flare

if the power creep didn't went balls to the wall a long time ago I'd love a new tournament arc where the antagonists are a new generation of crane school students

you mean only the bukujutsu and tayoken. 17 and 18 would be OP as fuck if they learned the kikoho because they have infinite life force

Taopaipai also became a cyborg and he wasn't able to do shit

Because the stronger one wins every time. Crane school is for losers.

even though they won the second tournament

why wasn't there any dragon and tiger schools?

Because the turtle and crane schools are based on the fable of the crane and the turtle. A frog and a scorpion school would make more sense.

master shen should have partnered with the red ribbon to get some better cybernetic implants for his brother

Through luck and luck alone. If that one man hadn't been driving his car at that exact spot at that exact time then Goku would have won and earned it at that. He still had more energy to slow his descent while Tenshinhan did not.

I mean, what can i say other than FPBP. Toriyama is a hack.

Kill yourself Tenshitter.

don't you mean turtle school?

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Makes me wonder what would happen if Goku trained under master shen instead of roshi

Constitution/STR vs INT/DEX
You can do big dick CRIT damage all you want but it doesn't mean anything when your opponent keeps getting back up to hit your low HP ass forever.

Do you think Toriyama can tell what is the difference between a ball attack and a beam attack?

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They should just create a spinoff movie/series about the human characters. All they have to do is not call it "Dragon Ball" and not fake out who the protagonist is. That way you can please both new watchers and old time fans.

But of course we all know that interesting stories is not what they are after, it's making the next money maker.

They tried featuring piccolo in the latest movie, i guess...