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A 1:1 anime adaptation is always better than the original manga.

no you dumbass

Name 5

How so ?

correct. anime just wastes too much time because the format requires them to fill a tv timeslot. afaik manga in magazines have to fill a certain amount of pages too but they still get to be much more concise.

source ?



Name 5 anime worse than their manga.
I'll wait.

on e piss

>a panel by panel adaptation is better than the original source
Kek I better be reading voiced manga then.

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Rent a girlfriend
oh wait....

>be young me
>buy manga from local bookstores
>finish them in 5 minutes
>waste $10 each time
>realize i'm an idiot

wtf is going on with that manga? Its all over the place.


Anime is always worse than manga, there's only a couple of exceptions, so it doesn't matter what series I name. You can go to MAL, find random 5 series adapted from manga and this would still stand true

Not him but:
Biscuit Hammer
Yumekui Merry
Princess Resurrection

Of course the other case also exists:
Demon Slayer
Golden Boy
Ousama Ranking
Level E
Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei

Every single seasonal bullshit you watch that rots your brain away

>Princess Resurrection
holy shit why did they fucked up that one
good thing there's the ova

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Sailor Uniform and F3

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