One Piece

The true strawhats.

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I want to sit on Katakuri's face

If sanji and vivi get married is their kid gonna be a marimmo?

Missing Con D. Oriano

Remove Vivi, Karoo, and Chopper. If you didnt kick the barrel you're not a Straw Hat, just DLC.

Im rewatching skypia and zoro nami and robin were really fucking hearthless against chopper leaving him alone on the altar

Post Cute and Canon

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Incorrect. It only showed the faith they have in Chopper's abilities.

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The true SHs

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He was dead if ganfall didnt arrived and so was the ship

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Replace Robin with Vivi, Frankie with Kaku, and add Caribou

Reminder that Enma and Hiyori have sucked dry Zoro

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Whats the value of the "strongest" black blade as a hypetool when in 1050 chapters we saw 2, one made by a guy that is dead for centuries?

>"the secret weapon is in wano ? i must report it to "him" "

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the WSS thing is an underwritten meme
Zoro unironically didnt fought 1 swordsman in his life dad give a fuck about it
Also stuff like Tashigi were dropped for like 10 years so we dont even get sword lore through her
Enma got only mentioned for oden wank

Nihawk sword is top 12 and a black blade. Which makes it the strongest since a black blade jumps up a grade in quality.

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MVP will return soon

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Rarity is probably one of the very best things in the world. If it's rare, it means it's not easily made. So whatever can make it is valuable by default. It also happens that these "two" are the only ones who have ever been the WSS and even Oden's wanked ass couldn't achieve it.

You posted the wrong pic OP.

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When will the dvd rip of film red be out on sites like 123movies?

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After oda said he doesnt want to write fights fore more than 1-2 chapters back to back i have a bad feel about the zoro vs mihawk fight

Ace x Vivi was underrated kino

Wano has many flaws. Oden is not one of them.


>he doesnt want to write fights fore more than 1-2 chapters back to back
Is that the fucking reason why every fight turns into a cluster fuck Post TS?

People meme on Ace but what happened to him is a real shame. Daddy issues from day one absorbed him.

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You're right, he's not the flaw, he's the cause of all the other flaws.

Offscreen or open to interpretation epilogue panel. We only have 3 years.

Sabo x Vivi sadly the reality

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Probably he said it one of the recent interviews fights take too much time so he cant draw a full fleshed out fight maybe a user can find it

What the fuck anons? Were the bonds forged through Impel Down and Marineford that weak? Why did he do it?

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Jinbe? Crew pillow.

Because Croc makes him shit his pants, and for good reason.

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Impel Down crew is the real best crew

Jinbe and his cute wife

>Why did he do it?
He knew Buggy was a fraud.
>muh friendship
Not even his own commanding crewmates defended him.

When will get a name of the arc we are currently in?

Bonney’s birthday in a few days!

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When we reach the island.

Make sense thx

Galdino was always a sleazeball, Buggy would have done the same. Actually Buggy was already planning on abandoning everyone before crocodile arrived.

I miss Ace
Fuck Sabo. I wouldn't hate him if he didn't pretty just steal all of Ace's character except his flaws