Boku no Kokoro no Yabai Yatsu

Chapter 103 is up

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you coulda smashed

>flashback chapter
Did norio finally run out of ideas?

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i can't imagine how boredom would've handled this

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>Hara the cutest chapter in the chapter
What the fuck?

Checked and found out

Did he finally understand?!

Bros before hoes?

so, they're doing the jockey thing, and brother here's gonna help? is that it? so he can look cool?

>tfw no whiteknight gf

so *ichi can look cool

I don't know japanese, but it looks like they invited him to the relay race.On the board it looks something like 4x400.

What a chad taking the fall for his woman.
Unironically that woulda ended up worse then her basketball incident otherwise there.


4 boys 4 girls maybe.

>misunderstanding that as a good act
Yamada doesn't want other people to touch her food

I don't know if it's that but it's clear they weren't bulling him

>hey kid do you want some candy?

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wish anna had a pouch like a kangaroo so i could crawl inside

"騎馬戦" translates to "cavalry battle" so I think it's the thing where one person is carried by three other people and they try to steal each others' headbands or something you see in a lot of sports festival episodes. Presumably they wanted him to be the "rider" since he's small.

Inb4 Ichi does the piggyback fight, gets a massive boner thinking of Yamada during it making him fall.

Yes. Jock goes "beause you're tiny" and Yamada immediately goes apeshit over it.

I understand that Adachi has changed, but before he was horrible. Remember the name in the tombs incident?

Eh, it's a kid acting violent thinking people will think he's badass and the girls impressed, when it was just awkward and obviously forced. Pretty realistic writing.

Holy Based O-MY-NEE Chan.

How does she have such amazing panels

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She likes them short edgy and tiny after all

how about the equipment warehouse incident?

Nha, he was just putting up an act to impress the girls.
If you want someone horrible pickup-pai exist. No redemption nor anything, he just understood too late he didn't have a chance with Yamada

I didn't think about it at first but you're right. She was going to fall on her face, that could ruin her modelling career.

You HAVE done your part to support this series haven't you, user? (Volume 1 is arriving later)

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>koi, koi
with that hand, more like 'goy, goy'