Ghost Stories

Episode 5: spats

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the only good version

>he's never watched Ghost Stories

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OP, if you're looking for all her pantyshots I've already gathered them and I can just tell you where they are if you want to.

Has there ever been a dub that actually improved upon the original to such a degree?

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Probably Mejoku/Sextra Credit

Some hints would be nice.

It must and it shall be spring in Pall Mall
While Bustopher Jones wears white
Bustopher Jones wears white
Bustopher Jones wears white spats

I want to eat that bitch's fat ass like you wouldn't believe!

I leave out episode 5 since it's not a pantyshot and the Opening since that's a bikini bottom. We got:

1, 2, 4, 11, 15 (first one), 20 (Momoko), 20 (Satsuki's second one) are impossible to miss.

15 (second one), 19, 20 (Satsuki's first one) are not in your face but you should see them if you pay attention.

9, 12 are really hard to spot in real time and you might need to play certain scenes frame by frame.


one of the only exceptions

>People actually use the word panties
Just call them women's underwear you fucking pretentious fucking fags.

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Higschool Momoko

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This infuriates the 'Murricans.

Smooth bratty legs!

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