Yofukashi no Uta

Nazuna is totally tubular!

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Nazuna's tubular bells

i love my autistic wife

Found out that Dio's seiyuu is in this show but not as one of the vampire characters. Well that's a wasted casting

cute autistic vampwife

i wish i were groomed by an aromantic alcoholic socially dominant autistic qt who enjoys sexually humiliating me. literally my dream woman.

Why do boys like bad girls?

Why do girls like bad boys?

because they can get away with it and they look really cute doing so

For me it's Akira.

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alpha females get whoever they want

Strong men protecting them, etc.
Boys and girls are different, right?

It's so weird that Amamiya actually made some effort with this one. Usually her acting is kind of subpar for a well-known VA.

shes good, but im not sure why she cars about kou. is she also autistic?

Way to go on admitting you have zero friends.

Nazuna is utterly erotic.

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its explained that kou hasnt interacted with her in literal years and had basically zero previous interaction with her before aside from being a complete weirdo who did nothing and provided nothing to any relationship with anyone.

>40 year old
>grooms a middleschooler
>doesn't give a fuck about him and just wants to suck his blood
not very based

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>flat and unattractive
confirmed poor man's Tomato

I really love this anime's pacing and soothing atmosphere. It's like I'm watching a comfy SOL with kinky vampire shenanigans. Also I like Kou is a very laidback dude who gets confident when shit happens. Ojiisan and this show are the only summer anime I'm thoroughly enjoying so far.