Does Any Forums still like marimite?

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Yes and Yoshino is such a cutie!

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One of my favorites, even read some of the novels. Unfortunately I got into it rather late.

It's a fun series. Hopefully they adapt more of it, and the mentally ill new users killing 4ch don't find out about it.

I learned japanese in order to read the novels.
I started translating them and burned out at book... 29? 30? I won't translate anything again.

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The best part of Marimite is that it parodies or is parodied by everything.

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There was even a full anime OP done called "EvaMarian" with the evangelions wearing pleated shirts.

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D4 Princess?

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yes, still waiting for S5 to adapt the rest of the main vol which is not much
also this

we live in a society

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Did you publish them?

>My little sister CAN be this cute. That's why I picked her.

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I published them once a long fucking time ago.
I can try to dig through my archives and see if I still have them.

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marimite is great and cast a very long shadow

Anybody played this? I looked for it everywhere and couldn't find.

never liked it
boring crap
nice music tho

I used to have it and play it, couldn't tell you where I downloaded it from though.

I avoided it because I thought it would be a serious and deep anime. Watched it, and realized it's more silly than I had originally thought. If anything it's more comedy than anything else.

Now I miss it.

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Pizza Hut

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I wish my Pizza Hut had that. All mine got was redesigned into a modernist black box.

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Mizuryu Kei is the only one keeping the series alive with his doujins...

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What an adorable tanuki

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Roll credits.

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