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Why was their banter so cute?

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Majima will save Chisato and it will be beautiful

because they are husband and wife (and wife, yes her friend is gonna marry him and get impregnated by him too)

They're both suited for killing, and they're both gay.

This was the only time these two characters didn't behave like generic crazy man or generic happy idiot


vroom vrroooom supaah caaaah

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Het > /u/

Trust the plan Jokerbros, this does not slip now

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Now it makes sense why she likes super cars.

Gays and lesbians usually become good friends (unless they have misogyny/misandry)

>Gays and lesbians usually become good friends
Objectively incorrect and easily provable delusion

I was forced into a wheelchair for 10 minutes in a hospital once too and I don't suddenly love super cars.

two battlemaniacs on opposite sides, one choosing to maintain the status quo and the other trying to bring it down, yet at the same time they have similar interests.

Takina will kill Joker next episode. It’s over.

>implying some pathetic flatscan can kill homo superior

Nice get, by the way

Wanna bet?
Nobody is going to die except maybe some of the adults

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>what is intersectionality

Because it was natural and not done for the sole purpose of memeing something or clarify that feMC wants the guy's dick as it's the case in almost every other anime where a girl talks to a dude.

Chisato is also a well written character that doesn't eto-eto around or blushes, she knows how to respond and Majima too and they aren't retarded so it's like listening to an actual dialogue.

So Mika will die?

His survival is kind of the point and the problem Chisato has. They urge her to kill him but dhe doesn't want to kill on principle and the hunting of Majima is her big last quest she is supposed to fulfill.
I wonder how it ends though. I assume they will eventually give her a new heart but I cannot see that organization doing it and I cannot imagine Chisato giving in to become someone that kills either. Even if she got a new heart the problem that she dies so still persists. Maybe it would end with a hint that it might change in the future. Like waiting and hope that technology will evolve enough to improve those mechanical hearts before she dies.

Maybe. If he really regrets his past maybe he'll go die dramatically to redeem himself or something.

So you think that even if Chisato gets the new heart, it will only delay the inevitable?