Rosen Garten Saga

Waht the fuck is going on thins manga and when are we getting an anime adaption?

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It's the most juvenile garbage I've ever read


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I wish it would be made by Wix

feels good seeing all the small brains and penises filtered
>when are we getting an anime adaption?
If it was a good one, it would really deserve it. Could be an unforgettable anime.

As much as part of me wants to see this animated soon as it does we'll never hear the end of how the MC is trans from the west and its 'official' translations.

Itd still probably be worth it though so long as it gets the proper animation studio behind it.

>MC is trans
how? she only gets a penis cause of Sieg, people would be dumb to think that

>when are we getting an anime adaption?
Fortunately trash like this will never get an anime adaption. Now kill yourself.

People call anything genderbender trans. Hell, they call Bridget from Guilty Gear trans even though his backstory is literally about him being forcefully raised as a girl.

>they call Bridget from Guilty Gear trans
Because that what she said in the newest game, secondary.

Strive is shit though. We don't acknowledge Overture, why should Strive be any different?

yeah im still reading it, im 31 years old

Dick jokes are funny whether your 5 or 500.

Nah, thanks to Siegs ability, it would prob attract a shit ton of trannies to the fandom

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I fking love this manga

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that futa scene.. got me

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This is an edit right? also whats the relation between the main girl and the queen? is she like Siegs/Queen daughter?

She is the real wife of sigfried,hidden in a curse maybe by the same sig to protect her from a big danger but things went out of hands...

it's a fun garbage
t. almost 30

I'm ashamed to say it was the one in the second chapter with the bandits that did it for me.
Honestly as entertaining as everyone is, I miss lynn.

yes. got a problem with that?
do you think she'll ever get dicked or will she always be a top?

I wanna fuck Arthur

the best part of the series was when 5 bros teamed to play poker I want more something like that