Undead Unluck

>Undead Unluck TV Anime by David Productions
Do you rike it?

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Ir it was written by one of those fujimoto retards you would be calling a masterpiece.

I don't read that shit, is there stuff to censor?

Probably gonna tone down the molestation and groping

Yes, the main character is naked at the beginning

Male MC spends most of his time with his dick out and big censor bar

There is lots of male nudity and the girl gets gropped a bit in the first chapter. So honestly a lot tamer than most Shoujo but more explicit than most Shonen.

Is David Production type-cast into making anime featuring muscular men now? There's Jojo of course but even Hataraku Saibou was like that.

>Ranks at the bottom of ToC every time
>Has extremely low sales even after years
>Is already ending
>Still gets an anime by a good studio

What happened to WSJ? Are they really this desperate?

Will it be the David production that made Fire Force or the one that made JoJo?

In modern Jump?

Is this shit good at all?

Same reason decade old dead IPs are also getting anime all of the sudden. Production companies are just looking for anything and everything to make anime out of.

yeah honestly it's really out of character for how they act for the rest of the series; plus they already need to fix the inconsistency with how the card in his brain works

Is that why Samidare got an anime and it got made by an extremely bad studio?

it is the definition of mid, not bad enough to be mocked or axed but not good enough to be memorable

Netflix and other streaming services are DYING for content, and anime is as cheap as semi-mainstream productions get. A whole season of animation in David Pro must be like 3 million dollars tops. That wouldnt cover 10% of a season of Stranger Things or 25% of a season of Rick and Morty.

Not quite, because I'm aware of the story's flaws and I wanted an adaptation that fixes them. Perhaps it's because I love the story and been following since day 1. But it's better than nothing, so it's no use crying over spilled milk...

Because it won awards and reception is still positive, so there is potential in IP. For most manga outside of jump having 30k+ sales is already considered being successful, so UU being a gatekeeper of ToC make sense

It certainly isn’t a passion project.

>It certainly isn’t a passion project.
Are yoy talking about Samidare, or UU?


How would I be talking about UU when it basically just got announced and is quite a bit away from airing still.