People say that FMA maintains a consistent level of quality...

People say that FMA maintains a consistent level of quality. But is it actually in possession of any elements that could be considered special or make it stand out?

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I like the other fma thread with Mustang

I haven't watched Fma but why does Op keep using this image?
Genuinely curious

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Because he is mentally ill.

Just another mindbroken user in this site

Which thread?

If you're not going to contribute to the thread you're better off leaving.

Kill yourself. That image wasn't funny the first ten thousand times it was posted, it's not funny now, and it won't be funny the next ten thousand times.

>Trying to sage my thread
Rude, also just filter the threads if it makes you so upset.

I recently tried to watch the brotherhood anime and i couldnt finish it because it bored me to death.

That's reasonable. For as much as people praise it for never shitting the bed (because it was never good to begin with) it's supremely boring

You keep posting this you mentally ill degenerate
Go on, tell the class why FMA makes you seethe

Just like the image.

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Imagine getting mindraped so hard by the king of shounen. Come on, tell what's your favourite? Is it a moeshit? Is that some shitty shounen like My Hero?

The one with Mustang and the woman with a gun
Is another shitpost, not sure if spammed by this guy

>king of shounen
>Threads are only kept alive by a schizo
So this is the power of FMA...

Based. Is there any more overrated anime?

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Steins Gate

>quality is determined by activity on some imageboard's threads
Based retard. I guess One Piece and Chainsaw Man is the peak of the medium.

Nice try but no.

it gets way better after you get past the "recap" episodes

They are, unironically.

Brotherhood is a bad adaptation. Read the manga.

Exactly. Any Forums has abysmal taste.