DBZ Powercreep

How would you beat black Frieza without resorting to a new transformation or a mini training arc.

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Wish for a freeza killing gun

Magic baby Jesus character. Have Frieza be a tyrant like Herod and have his downfall arc pretty much be Dragonball's equivalent to Jesus being born. Whis already said the strongest hadn't been born yet so it could happen

>black frieza
This is so fucking stupid.

Combination MG42 and Davy Crockett.

>black frieza
what? Again? But they made such a big hoopla about golden frieza.

Call the police

By rolling the credits and moving on with our lives.

Zalama's Dragon Balls and wishing to defeat Frieza.

Regular dragon balls might not be enough. Frieza has become too strong.

Is there a reason somebody couldn't just wish to be strongest in the universe again? Assuming they make sure frieza is actually in the universe when the wish is made.

>black Frieza
Bejita knows his weakness

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UI Goku fused with UE Vegeta.


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DBZ was so much brutal compared compared to Super back in the day...I miss those times

Call the cops

How the fuck that would work?

You don't. He's too broken without asspulling.

>without resorting to a new transformation or a mini training arc
that's cheating though. Toriyama always does it

Poisoned watermelon and skittles

By just getting stronger. It's literally that simple.

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Don't worry user once One Piece ends Dragon Ball will reclaim its original violent time slot. At least that's what the internet told me.

>Don't worry user once One Piece ends
In 15 years?