I liked Blame!, and I liked BioMega... but it was very irritating how they were almost set in a shared universe...

I liked Blame!, and I liked BioMega... but it was very irritating how they were almost set in a shared universe, but not really. What the fuck was Nihei thinking? Like, he couldn't think of a second company name? He had to recycle TOA Heavy Industries?

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i always thought it's for a similar reason zoichi and the other chick looked like killy and cibo
and the same for kudou and ayuta from abara
as if they're the same "actor and actress" being "recast"

Because TOA Heavy Industries is basically the Weyland-Yutani of the Niheiverse.

Toa Heavy Industries is a multiversal entity.

Ironically true thanks to the existence of the gravity furnaces.

I miss Nihei's old shit. I was a huge fan of these manga but nothing he made since Sidonia resonated with me.

it's not same universe, he just reused name, same goes for a bear character. It's like a mascot

First half of Sidonia was alright, the second half was meh.

im pretty sure hes not the only author that does stuff like that, but sure i can get how it can be annoying.

Aposimz is the only full series he has done after Knights im pretty sure so thats not a long list you're complaining about.
too early i'd say to really say anything on his current series too, and considering the manga is secondary ot the anime im not sure if one should expect the same from it as his previous works.

Nihei will write an upcoming original anime. We will see. I hope it's good, though I wasn't very much into the characters I have seen in the trailer, but let's wait.
Plus I guess I should be grateful for everything that isn't another isekai, another romcom with weird girl or another j-pop or gacha advertisement series.

The ongoing Kaina manga is also being written by him.

anyone read Noise? it any good?
never heard anyone talk about it, or any of his oneshots either (besides people saying they like Abara i suppose.)

>anyone read Noise?
It's the Blame! prequel, so it's a must read.

>it any good?
It is, but it explains things in a weird way. Also let you with a lot of doubts after it.

>never heard anyone talk about it, or any of his oneshots either
Those are greats.
My favorites are Sabrina (Nihei's take on Dark Fantasy), Suzumega (basically prototype Sidonia) and Dead Heads (a short story about zombies, which was supposed to be serialized, but never was).

Only semi-related but I really liked Seu and Mensab. I wish such m/f teams were more common in manga and anime.

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>I wish such m/f teams were more common in manga and anime
Years ago it was more common, but now it's just full harems with only one male with a lot of females lusting for his cock.

hell id be fine with the harem even if they at least dropped the trope of the MC being too dense or afraid to return the girls feelings.
not saying it needs to be an orgy all the time just the trope of 'they never get together' has been done to fucking death. adding MORE girls to the trope only makes the problem worse.

>Blame prequel
i disagree it makes it a must read, but ill still give it a try.
honestly while i still loved it mind, in terms of taking Nehei by himself in a bubble Blame is actually closer to the bottom of the list for how much ive liked his works.

Yeah pairings like that are especially rare because they are side characters. I generally miss female and male friends that are or can easily be interpreted as future partners too. Lina Inverse and Gourry and such or actual partners like the MCs of Chrono Crusade. I never understood why self-inserters rather desire a will they won't they anime that drags on forever or harem shit and not a waifu that is the MC's best friend and also partner. If you describe an ideal partner it would/should be a person you could befriend even without the romance anyway. I cannot imagine wanting a waifu that just admires me for no fucking reason instead of a waifu that also shares my interests or would fight on my side against a threat.

I still blame his daughter.

Wouldn't be the first time that something like that happens. The Vinland Saga mangaka basically change the whole tone of the series for the same reason.

Is that why Vinland sucks now? Kids ruin everything.

Really? His kid asked him to draw more trannies?