Dragon Ball Super

What happened to Goku's character?

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Say it.

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>Arale up there but not Freeza
>Satan over Cell
>Future Trunks is up there but not GOHAN,
Japan is BASED



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What happened to the Freeza force armor that Goku was wearing when he arrived to earth as a baby?

>Ten shining hands

Toriyama is now allowed to write the characters the way he wants. Back then the editors forced him to make a lot of changes in the story and that includes Goku's character. The editors wanted to make Goku more alike the typical shonen mc, while BoG and Superku is the Goku that Toriyama considers canon.


I don't know *laughs*

Hey nice theory but unfortunately that's Headcanon. It's alright, happens to all of us but I'll give you the deets.
See Toei made Goku less selfish and more heroic in the anime, Which Toriyama wasn't a fan of. Nothing came of it however because the anime was really nice, just not hwo Toriyama wanted the character portrayed.
Now 20+ years later, Toriyama is at the helm of the projects and thus is pushing forward a more idiotic Goku because he finds it funny, and has grown to resent Goku's heroic portrayal instead of casually brushing it off
And thus we are here now!

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Gohan probably threw it away after Goku pooped in it

>Cell is the only villain that made it into the arc he is the villain in
>Both Freeza and Buu jobbed to other characters
>Took the puny 1224 all the way up to 50k
Cell arc? Toriyama´s magnum opus the PEAK of Dragon Ball.

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He's still wearing it *laughs*

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Pretty much if anyone has any questions as to why so many things in nu-DB are so retarded, the most likely answer is just that Toriyama finds it funny

In your imagination, along with your translation.

These two pages are not inconsistent with each other. Goku is generally useless outside of fighting and basic farming. His interactions with zeno would be a better place to star nitpicking things.
This is also true. Without good editors, a lot of manga artists mistakenly think their raw ideas are fantastic on their own. Naruto vs Samurai 8 as an example.

In retrospect, I feel kind of bad for the actual Yamchafags back then

>Toei made Goku less selfish and more heroic

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The movie flopped.

I like to think it’s sitting in Gohan’s attic somewhere and he was unaware of how durable that armor was.

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...in bed.

The anime made him throw Buu into a building.

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Toriyama's Goku > Your headcanon self-insert Goku

Does anybody even like modern Bardock?

in japan. And there's no Super anime going on so I'm not sure why they would ever expect it to be a huge hit anyways. Bring the fucking anime back already, we don't want shitty Toyo chapters

WHAT if GOKU still had his SAIYAN ARMOR?


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>Turns into a Super Saiyan 4 because why not

Hey what's this I found in your pocket?

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>Sorry Videl but there's no way Gohan can be alive, are you retarded Lmao
5 chapters earlier

Buu Saga Goku had been dead for 7 years, he was a lot different from earlier Goku.

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screencap this
Final arc of Super will be the Angels, GoDs and Frieza teaming up to kill the Zenos, which will eventually lead to EoZ.


>he was a lot different from earlier Goku.
Give me some examples.