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The more I watch the more she does things to me, I think she should have won. She is better than Lum, who had the opposite effect on me, the more I saw of her the less I liked her. Bros, I think Shinobu... is kinda... hot.

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Based. I had a similar experience. I only knew of Lum before starting the anime and I was really curious to see what she's like since she was loved by tons of people. After 20 or so episodes I was already getting tired of her. But Shinobu though... the more I was watching the more I was getting obsessed with her.

And yes, Shinobu is way hotter. It's something about her attitude. I didn't care about Lum's sexy scenes because Lum herself doesn't seem to care about her modesty. But Shinobu is so uptight and pure that watching her get stripped naked feels extra hot, almost like a taboo.

I will disagree on one thing OP. No, she shouldn't have won. Ataru is a scum so let him stay with Lum. Shinobu is too good for him and luckily she found a much better guy in the end.

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You put it perfectly, kudos user, I agree with everything you said.

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Shinobu is best girl canonically. Rumiko Takahashi confirmed this in an interview:

Based Rumiko. The story ends when the best girl is happy.

Shinobu is Rumiko

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I haven't seen this show yet, but I kinda find Shinobu cuter than Lum.

I find the idea of this really hot.

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Not happening. Lum only kisses (ugly) guys.

>I think she should have won
That depends on what do you mean by "won". Shinobu is a great girl but she and Ataru just don't work and it was a master stroke to have her realize that and looking for something better.

>I didn't care about Lum's sexy scenes because Lum herself doesn't seem to care about her modesty
It's amusing you mention that. I get so used to Lum being sexy that she really catches my eye when she wears something more conservative and I think she looks really cute I fashionable clothing. Lum has a sort of reverse sexyness effect on me.

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Lum looks kinda sexy in long pants.

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Casual clothing looks so good in her.

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Did he keep a portait of Elle? Also Lum looks good in everything, except references.

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>Did he keep a portait of Elle
It's a trashcan you moron.
Are you beaners really this dumb?

>Did he keep a portait of Elle?
It's just an easter egg. You can spot movie characters in the background in a lot of episodes.

>one of the few things in the room that doesn't have shading
>expecting people to tell the trapezoid is rounded

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