Honest thoughts on the manga right now from the 7 people who read it?

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It's on my reading list after Black Clover and Yozaukra, okay? Ugh...gotta also find some time for Pokemon Edgeventures and watching the "Index" anime because I couldn't find the books online and I'm too broke to buy them right now
Damn when do I read all of this

Way less than that. But the number will only go up now that it's licensed.

I feel like I'm reading something that is soulles and soulfull at the same time, it's super strange. But I like it nonetheless.

Why is this manga not succesfull? Is endearing and cute. It may be because it does't really have an identity?

superhero fad has died down so no one is interested in this anymore

It's an interesting concept done badly

Need's a new translator to to catch it up since it's way behind and all of the really good shit is starting around chapter 99.

>Dude, it gets good after 99 chapters

More like it got bad after 30 chapters and is only now recovering from the ninja arc.

It was good. It dipped in the ninja arc a bit and right now the chapters are just kind of slow because it's introducing a new group of characters and setting up stuff for the future. Chapters 99 and100 are where it all starts coming together with Iko gaining powers and going into the backstory of Teru's sister and how it, from what I can tell, relates to Stigma. But getting there is a pain in the ass when the translation group only puts out a chapter a month or every other month of a fucking weekly ongoing, won't drop it and nobody else seems intent on sniping them.

Where's What's Typesetting? when you need him?

Decent magical girl series with a coating of capeshit but not to its detriment. I like the story enough to keep up with the raws and Spirits is best alcoholic.

It's been licensed now, so they'll most likely drop it soon

Does Cyan Steam dropped licensed stuff? How frequently does Yen Press release, too? Because it shouldn't take them too long to catch up with the JP tankobons. The first volume of the Yen Press release isn't out until December.

No rape or rape bait

They haven't released a chapter since June. It's pretty much dropped now.

That doesn't mean anything really. They went months without releasing Rokudou chapters and then randomly started releasing the last few chapters again. That's the problem actually. They never officially drop anything. They just hold onto it and then every month or two they'll suddenly release a new chapter to show that they haven't dropped it while continuing to pick up or assist on other series.

It's actually pretty shitty because it probably scares off anyone who's looking to pick it up instead because they probably don't want to cause a bunch of drama for a series that's still technically being scanlated. There has to be a point where people realize fuck it, though.

Has some yuri, so it's good

The girls make me hard but then the writing makes me soft

It may not as good as mha but at least it's not as bad as mha

It's far better than MHA which basically has spent its entire run coasting off of its opening arc. SHY has been largely consistent, even at its weakest, and its characters and emotional moments are written very well which is the actual core part of the series. Most of the characters aren't particularly useless or superfluous either. The only one who's been so far are Iko's brother and the German doctor hero. But even the reporter chick has come back with a more prominent role in the last few chapters after running into Shy again.

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