Retreat and you will age

retreat and you will age
hesitate and you will die

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Why is his name Zangetsu, when Tsuki means moon?

anta mo
aitsu mo
kitto dochi mo

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What a downgrade.

Zangetsu means slaying moon or some shit. for some reason japs made sure words dont quite literally translate to the same word when you connect shit with each other.

Does Ichigo even have his Quincy and Hollow powers? Didn't Yhwach steal them?

You can't steal powers, all you can do is steal the Reiatsu. Rukia literally explains this.

Getsu also means moon, it's just the onyomi. Tsuki is the kunyomi.

He didn't steal it, he took his energy and used it. Remember the fullbringer shit? they did it there as well

Do you guys think Aizen is the way he is because Kyoka Suigetsu allowed him to experience every depraved impulse and pleasure conceivable, so now the only worthwhile "experience" left is to become God?

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That's for a chump like Ginjo; Yhwach has the Auswalen which seems to straight up delete power from its victims. Then again, Haschwalth seemed to keep the Balance when he got Aus'd.

Aizen is immune to Kyoka Suigetsu because he he touches the blade to use it.

yippie yahweh motherfucker

Hmmm, I wonder how Aizen perceives the hallucinations his zanpakuto creates in the minds of others. Like, how does he keep track of them if he can't see the illusions he creates? Is it just a memory game? It is a weird power when you think about it.

A lot of the new bankais are aesthetic but Ichigo's new one is fucking gay desu

Aizen did nothing wrong.

Lord Yahweh. God of war, King of armies.

What does it even do? I hope he still has his super speed because that was the hypest part of his old bankai

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It literally didn't do anything in the manga. The """"""bankai"""""" just fused them into a single sword.

I noticed that unlike his old bankai and his fullbring form, Ichigo is not "clad in power" the way he used to be. However, Tensa Zangetsu is "clad in power" by the outer shell. I am guessing that the symbolism here represents "the blade is me," as Ichigo no longer has need to be clad in power so long as his blade is - they are one and the same, after all.

It's a shame. Tensa Zangetsu (old version) was a /fa/ outfit.

Maybe we'll find out in the (probably never coming out) Hell Arc what it's supposed to do and why the outer shell was covering classic zangetsu.