Supposedly plain looking character

>Supposedly plain looking character
>Is somehow effortless erotic

why is this so common?

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Because it's taken directly from real life.

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There's nothing wrong with that manga, but it's terribly pedestrian and derivative

Becuase all anime girls look cute if they're not absolute caricatures. its actually very hard to create an ugly anime girl.

It'd be better as a full length series. It's like the one with the salaryman and the girl smoking in that it just keeps dragging out the same "oh no, the person likes my secret identity" thing over and over. They both even have a third character who calls out the stupidity of the whole thing to the character with the secret identity. Although this one looks like it's about to actually start moving forward compared to the smoking one.

But still, at four pages per chapter it makes it completely interminable. But at least it's actually not a bland "oneshot" like most twitter manga.

No, you can tell the mangaka's read lots of these sort of manga and is just copying things they've read

It's just a twitter thing but a presumably inexperienced 'mangaka'. I still want it to be picked up, given a decent editor, and re-written from the start with more volume than a 4 page per chapter twitter post can manage. It would probably still be generic because it's an unremarkable highschool romance story, but at least the characters and art are nice so it provides some nice fluff.

Yeah, it's adequate and nothing more

Yeah, they come as a pair

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Male nerds often romanticize female nerds, thinking they're more accessible to them than girls with more conventional hobbies.

He, or she by the sounds of the name, has some super interesting ideas.

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where's this from?

What makes a teen attractive to other teens is primarily the pretense that their act is natural, and not actually an act.
That's why teenagers have to work so hard to make it seem like they don't put any work into their appearance - after spending an hour or two of fixing their hair.

And then there are people who actually don't put on much of an act AND happen to just be naturally attractive.
These tend to be leader types though, not outsiders, (unless they're aspergers, and their coolness is based on a misunderstood social phobia).

I mean, she's done a couple of one shots/anthology entries, I just don't think she's serialized anything.

Use saucenao, faggot.

Nah, people just wanted someone who share the same interest with

That's what he said, it's relatively true. A girlw ith similar interests is more accessible. It's just it's the difference of Negative Chance to Virtually None.

It's not "more accessible" and more like being compatible
Gym bros wanted gym girls
Nerd for nerds
Hikers for hikers and so on

Anyone passionate about something wishes they could share it

>Negative Chance
Why not just say 0?
Negative chance implies that you are playing fast and loose with probabilities, and so anything's possible. If you permit for negative chances, then you may also permit me to just "add 15% for shaving".
By exaggerating too much, you are making your exaggeration weaker.

It's called self-esteem, faggot
Body language, tone of voice, head tilt, and capability to look directly at people's eyes are enough to tell whether you are someone they could trust

I like these two girls, any actual pages of them getting up to hijinks together?