It's not too late for you to either use mpv or MPC-HC with madVR so you can actually watch your chinese cartoons in good quality. Stop making excuses, stop relying on gay services like crunchyroll.

>Media Players
-MPC-HC if you're on windows:
Download madVR here:

It's a fancy and very useful upscaler (also downscaler) that WILL have noticeable positive effects especially if you have a 1440p/4K monitor with videos played on MPC-HC. Very easy to use and understand, rely this guide to get started.

It takes at most 15 minutes to set it up once, and you're golden forever. Drastically improves quality even on toasters.

-mpv if you are on linux/autistic and don't need a GUI:

>How to download my anime?
First, get a torrent client. I recommend qBitorrent, but Deluge is also nice.
Download it here.
And also make sure to get rid of BitTorrent or uTorrent now, they are filled with ads, unreliable and there were rumors of malware in the past.

Download your anime from here:
(also read the FAQ)

>so confusing!!! How can I find my anime?? >Why did I waste 15 minutes downloading something that has turk subs wtf where is my money? aaa save me CRUNCHYROLL

Just make sure to select the "Anime - English Translated" option next to the search bar. You can sort the results by date, size, and so on.

>what does L/S mean?
L is for Leechers, S for seeders. To make it short, torrenting relies on seeders to upload the files and content you (leecher) want to download. Ideally there should be more seeders than leechers otherwise you're gonna have a bad time.

>what happens if there are 0 seeders for my obscure vintage anime?
Ask for seed in the comment section, go beg on if you really have to, or in the rare instance you find nothing then it's over

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Go back to sleep, Grandpa

Didn't ask, plus you're brown.


You can watch torrents after a short buffer period if your client allows you to download pieces in order. And I think for old releases xdcc and torrents are backwards
I'm aware this is a pretty old picture but it always bugs me

Are there any merits to using mpc-hc over mpv? Have used both but mpv seems fine

it's that easy gramps

I have yet to see any improvements with MadVR enabled. The only thing I noticed is that the video stretches for a split second when toggling fullscreen. Does it need to be configured to actually do something?

>services like crunchyroll
Reminder we get 90% of our seasonals from crunchyroll anyway.

I swear these faggots will keep torrenting even when we get a brain interface lmfao

yeah, it doesn't do anything when left alone

mpc is popular because it used to be good but it's bona fide abandonware now (yes even the clsid2 fork) that still doesn't have libass and relies on madvr for meme filtering which you shouldn't be doing anyway and madvr is also something between abandonware and paypigware since it will eventually be discontinued and only sold as part of a set-top box. At any rate you don't need stuff like codec packs anymore, since everything is in the mpv.exe. I don't know where the no gui meme comes from, anyone who has used it can clearly see the gui.
This is true but most of the benefits still apply including functional screenshots and correct .ass rendering, not to mention that pirate streaming sites re-encode the webrip to look worse where with torrenting you get it unmolested

OP, why do you care?

I use mpv but it really has the bare minimum of what can be called a GUI. It lets you control playback, switch audio/sub tracks and that's about it. For anyone used to loading files/changing settings in a GUI and considers that essential functionality, it pretty much is no GUI.

>Download K-lite codec pack
everything just works

Most old series don't have seeders anymore.

the main issue people have with mpv is that it has the bare minimum of a GUI. I wish I could use it play music too but the way it handles playlist is worse than media playes from 20 years ago.

why are you spoonfeeding this, people who need an infographic to tell them what to do are just going to hit&run

too long didn't read, still streaming

No thanks gogoanime is all I need and yes I don't care about the bitcoin mining

No user, these days it's more convenient to stream.

This one is pretty old, but still accurate.

Is there something about not using x265 encodes or they are good enough?
To be honest, i don't see the difference between x264 and x265, you need to be autistic to do so, i think.

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I simply dont care. You see this whole post, I'm not reading it.