Tries to train a personality-less guy to be her boyfriend

>tries to train a personality-less guy to be her boyfriend
>he becomes chad
>he gets a girlfriend
How did she fuck up this hard?

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She failed to realize most men can be successful if a cute girl compliments them.

Kek who is the kanojo?

Aoi Hinami from Bottom Tier Tomozaki.
She's not out of the race yet. After all, she specifically chose Tomozaki because he has a moldable personality and A huge fucking penis and he's currently dating the smallest heroine. It's possible he literally won't fit in Fuuka.

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Fuuka won

>best girl wins and the sociopath slut loses
Holy based

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Don't count her out yet. Based on the LN she is endgame.

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Trust the plan

I bet she only started playing Smash bros because she saw it as an in with the Tomocock

>this is the most desirable girl in school

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>this is the most desirable girl in school
errors and omissions

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Mimimibros, what went wrong

Bubbly girls don't win.
Unless it's quints, but the quints win was intentionally subversive if you ask me

I want to have sexsexsex with Mimimi

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I wish I had a friend in high school who would have gotten right up to the edge of doing gay shit with me

Dude I was in choir.
We did homoerotic shit all day

>boy she likes has a canon small penis
What is this girl thinking?

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She doesn't know.

When is S2?

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I have done the smile training.
It seems to work.
Socializing is too much for me and I already wear nice clothes.

do you also have a sociopath woman guiding you?

soon TM

By fixing him.

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