The pokemon anime is beyond dead at this point

The pokemon anime is beyond dead at this point.
Atleast we still have shirona/cynthia

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CHADtoshi/CHADsh will end her career.

camilla is her italian name

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The anime was good until it switched to digital animation towards the end of johto

What happened to my boy James

>Why isn't this children's show good like it was when I was a kid

more like
>why isnt this show as good as it was 2 seasons ago

Yeah, that's what I said

My wife

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>all children's show are the same
cope, scooby doo will ALWAYS be better than duog. anyone can tell there's a difference in quality sometimes.

You were a kid not too long ago? Cool

>It's the standard XYfag thread

Can you please not infect other threads with that idiocy? It's not funny and it never will be.

hope Ash smokes this hag

>that idiocy
Agree on this, unironically calling Ash "Satoshi" is just miserable levels of pathetic.
You don't have to be THAT immersed in the show

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Yeah, like the fansubbers do

It's a sign of extremely low-effort subbing.
>uhh...double checking the name is too much one will blame me if I sub it the way I hear it, right?
Doujin? Fancomics/manga? Anything done by someone who knows their stuff uses REAL names.

It's not like information on the English names in this are hard to find or anything

2022 and the 36 year old guy still sucking 4kids cock thinks his opinion isn't worthless.

Let's say the subber doesn't know the name of one (1) move. They'd have to look it up on all the extensive internet info which uses the regular names. But that already is loads of work more than just hearing the screen like a mongrel. It's VERY hard for the fansubber, mixing en with jp is out of question, and this is why they default to jp.

>you HAVE to agree with tranny localization butchering every name for no reason

People who use "Satoshi" etc. immediately out themselves as people who are NOT part of the Pokemon community.
Everbody uses the 4kids names - it's in official releases, cards, merchandise, the ashnime, other Pokemon animes, it's even in fan manga translations, it's in fanficiton/fanart/youtube videos, it's everywhere where people discuss Pokemon in English. You go up to anybody in the street and they'll recognize Ash, Misty and Brock.

You don't use the English names? - you're pushing yourself away from the community