What is Any Forums's thoughts on Tokyo Mew Mew? This was the very first anime I ever saw and I loved it...

What is Any Forums's thoughts on Tokyo Mew Mew? This was the very first anime I ever saw and I loved it. I used to watch it on 4Kids TV as a child

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I used to fap relentlessly to these girls as a kid, that and yugioh, winx chicks


mew mew style!
mew mew grace!
mew mew power, in your face!

Never watched the original, but I decided to check out the new reboot and it's been fun so far.

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damn, I have forgotten about this, I must fap to them again

>What is Any Forums's thoughts on Tokyo Mew Mew?
Tokyo Crystal Mew is better.

>as a kid
How young are you people? I thought Any Forums's average age was in the 30s.

the mew anime is ok but VAs suck. Literally
They sound like they sucked a cock or two to get their roles

It's blatantly NotSailor Moon, but it's not bad

The mangaka originally wanted to make a horror manga but the editor insisted with making it into a more conventional magical girl.

>but VAs suck
Are you talking about the original or the new one?
And where's the issue? It's been 20 years since this aired. Someone watching this as a kid could be in their late 20s - early 30s now.

That makes the comparison even truer, "No, don't do that, do something like this"

>the new one
yes, the mew one

It is literally just Sailor Moon but with a catgirl. I have no idea where that user in the other thread gets off saying they're nothing alike. It's borderline plagiarism.

No wonder you think they suck as VAs then. This is their first role and they're all 17-24. Of course they sucked cock to get the roles.

The new VAs are fine. Name 38 things wrong with them. Ichigo's husky voice is perfect and really sexy.

Because Sailor Moon is derivative as well, it's super sentai, but they're all (magical) girls

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For better or worse, Sailor Moon changed magical girls forever. It's still being ripped-off, see Precure.

To be fair, that's commonplace. Mermaid Melody's author originally wanted to make a pirate manga with Kaito as a pirate and Lucia as his mermaid waifu but the editorial insisted on following the Sailor Moon model. Maybe that's why both Tokyo Mew Mew and Mermaid Melody struggle with writing the team. They were never planned as a team but a single heroine. If we go even further, Takeuchi's original vision was Sailor V but Toei thought a team would be more commercial

They were pretty much all single-character stories beforehand