The main character is a happy go lucky teen with spiny hair who has a powerful monster sealed inside him

>The main character is a happy go lucky teen with spiny hair who has a powerful monster sealed inside him
>his teacher has white spiky hair and covers his eyes but becomes super powerful when he uncovers them
>his main rival is moody and has dark spiky hair, comes from a powerful lineage
Ok this is a little too formulaic even for Japan.

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You forgot the token pussy but this time she's somehow even worse because not only is she useless and insufferable, she's now ugly to boot.

At least they have panda in this show, that is new

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Still less shit than Sakura

Sakura was good, I say this with 0 hint of irony, she simply played the cards she was dealt with.

Whaddaya talkin about, bitch looks fuckable to me, and her crazy eyes does wonders to my dick

Samurai Eight was a flop. Boruto is a waste of space. Naruto is irrelevant. You can now leave.

The animations are good and the plot is bearable. Beyond that it's incredibly formulaic and filled with tropes. Probably a good starting anime but anyone who has seen more than 10 knows how boring it is.

>OP is a shounentard who needs to go back

but it's 100 times better than the orange ninja and his son

JJK is FOTM that already fell off.

Did nothing with that genjutsu affinity, though.

I thought you were talking about CSM at first

don't notice formulas just consume product and then get excited for more product

What's good about JJK Jeremy are the side characters, not Yuji who sucks hard as an MC or Megumi who defining boring would be a compliment

nobara is sex wtf are you talking about, way hotter than sakura, unless you're talking about loli sakura

It fell for a good reason. The current arc is so fucking bad it makes Naruto look good.

Yeah JJK is good because it takes classic shonen tropes and integrates them into the series' plot in interesting and compelling ways.

Yuji is happy and go lucky and has his shit kicked in for being that naive during Shibuya Incident.
The "strong" character of the series is actually so strong his status affects the entire status quo of the series. Villains and protagonist plot entire plans on whether he's available to help or not.
Megumi's isn't the angsty, edgy-Sasuke type like everyone seems to think just for comparison's sake, he's more the straight man to Yuji and Nobara's light hearted and goofy friendship. He's able to crack a joke and smile when he wants to.

Only formulaic aspect that gets on my nerves is the power system being tied to genetics, seems very silly and old school. I hope in Culling Game they introduce more Todou characters who don't come from sorceror families and just happen to be so good with their techniques that they stand near the top.

>who has a powerful monster sealed inside him
how many times has this been done? why do japs still write this shit trope?

why do shounenbabs try so hard to make their shows seem interesting?
just have some dignity and admit it's generic shounenshit

>the plot is bearable
This. I only watched the anime, and it was completely inoffensive. I can see how JJK got popular. If you haven't read that much manga or seen a lot of anime, might even feel fresh enough. Not like what the anime adpated was bad.

The Japanese obsession with championing underdogs, conquering your inner demons, and atonement for evil doers is autistic.