Can you just be human, Any Forums?

Can you just be human, Any Forums?

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>Be human

You owe me a pizza

No. In order to become John Halo I have cast aside my humanity. Also the promise of digital blue pussy.

>john halo
>not a real human bean
Bungiecel needs to play the 343 games

>starship troopers mecha anime never ever

I'm an unfeeling monster.

I can't, because I'm one heck of a momma myself!
>stuck in cryosleep for unknown number of years
>the first thing you see when you wake up is Cortana's exposed, jiggly, soft, unmilked breasts
Can you really blame him?

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halo is honorary Any Forums
even had a short manga made by nihei

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no, im a robot

I would trade all the other shorts for a full length version of this one.
Even The Babysitter.
And early Bungie was heavily influenced by anime and Japanese artists

I'd rather not.

Well, if there's really going to be a thread I can post something

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>explosion isn't blue

Legends always makes me wish there were more anime which use western FPS's as the setting. I would love an anime which follows some common foot soldier from a game like Killzone or ODST. Just a platoon of normal men fighting normal enemies with the exploits of the players character on radio broadcasts.

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The whole thing was an ONI op to cover up its existence and mass-produce it in secr

humans are always the real monsters

>Guys a black Pelican just flew over my house!

>tfw no hueg Spartan mommy gf to kill some godless covvie scum with in the name of humanity

Why even live

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I will not have sex with the big lady.


i miss bungie era halo

I played reach, stopped after that though.