DanDaDan Chapter 71 I'm Sick of Robots and Kaiju!


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thanks OP
People are nor ready for this

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Motion sickness?

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No, they're pregnant with Okarun's children

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oh boy were you right

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Another BANGER

This chapter gave me flashbacks of the gorilla suit scene in Batman forever. Pretty girls/women getting out of monster suits is the best and weirdest erotica.

She's gonna become fat guy's girlfriend.

damn! didn't expect that!

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I am in love, She is better han Aria

CUTE TOMBOY loser alert…


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the same-face syndrom gets worse and worse

she's already taken

so, who's she for? Okarun already have Momo and Aira, so, Jiji, or Fatty?


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As long as Okarun goes first



See you next week.

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>another loser girl added for romance drama and MISUNDERSTANDINGS
We all know who Okarun will end up with. Both of them love each other and they know it. They held hands and did finger sex. Do we really need to wait until the end of the manga until they’re dating and go through a shitload of romance drama?

Jiji is gonna get fatty

OkaChad strikes again. Amazing

>desperately trying to run away from le dependant on strong wymn
>n-no he's a total chad here's a gag char to confirm it
>Look here's a NEW GIRL
Hahahaha more like

It's a dude, isn't it.

rei ayanami?
we're officially harem manga now


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love the star-shaped pupils

And Suddenly I remember this manga is also a Romcom. Momo needs to recover from this.

Will both Fatboy and Rei join the scooby doo gang?

>another chick added to his harem
This is sad

Momo can't catch a break. Better watch your man.

So, another love rival, huh? And Jiji is still just there without any purpose other than having the EE Iside him (why the fuck can't Tatsu give him some to do other than making him a plot device?).
Besides the cool crazy things the manga has been disappointing lately

It is Ayanami, the 4th one.

The CSM killer

I had read earlier on M+ but only noticed her antennae now. So she’s an alien huh.
>cute alien girl with short hair and an antenna that rides a mecha way bigger than her
I wonder where I’ve seen that before…
Loser status = confirmed

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Because it's fun. Would a manga be fun if the MC beats the big bad right from the bat? No, he needs to struggle first. Characters' suffering is our pleasure.

My girl can't stop getting cucked

5 is the perfect number so either only one of them joins or Aira or Jiji go away

The author has to make his male MC seem cool please understand.
So obviously he needs a harem and gag friends for 3 or 4 chapters before he has to forget all about them in order to wrap it up.

Yeah I feel so bad for him. Oh no.

he even gets his own Lum!

Sexual intercourse

A couple ending together doesn’t have to be the endgame of a story, even for romance/romcoms.

she looks like blond jiji desu

>The author has to make his male MC seem cool please understand
Nah, he used this "technique" extensively with Jiji as well, making every single character love and prise him non stop (probably due to the bad reception he got).

You know he's Fujimotos assistant, right?


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Why did this make me laugh so hard

user, everyone looks the same in this manga. Tatsu has an even more serious same face problem than Blue box

>Kept saying how I wanted a dorky alien girl that doesn't get human interactions to join the group as a third part to Okachad's harem
>She's just another hot design with even some same-face issues with the other girls
God damn monkey's paw. I wanted her to be kinda messy and creepy, not just Momo 3.0. Variety dammit.

>ywn have a cute alien tokusatsu kaiju suit actress gf in an evangelion plug suit
Why live?

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Pure Beef™


>This is how my alien species learns foreign languages
>This is a standard greeting of my species

i know the manga has sameface problem but that panel in particular looks like author literally just draw jiji. momo and aria at least looks female enough

Sure, but the struggle getting there can be fun too!

I kinda expect that, but then, explain the blushing? And how all the other aliens also speak perfectly human.

you are right, but is so fun everytime it happens

In barely related news: turbo granny showed up as a demon you can summon in soul hackers 2.

>rubber suit kaiju
Aaaah good ol' days

Its Rei?

the harem will grown.