Love Live

>Ren is a gamer chick
I love her even more now

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This thread came first

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I love kinako.

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rude, wow

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me too

Topcute kasumin.

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Mei's moves in the last live were amazing

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Why is this thread more active than the other one? The other thread was made first.

Your mom is disgusting

That was my favorite part of it last ep

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What's your problem, ainon?

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We know... Um wait, does she have a love interest?

This is an important question. She's clearly not shipped with any of the other raibus

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Cute gremlin.

Smelly Ren-chan.

I love Kasumi!

Will this season go gayer?

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Yes, but not THAT gay

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They ran out of ideas for her but I'll take over stinkstar