'Tis Time for Torture, Princess 154


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Chapter end.

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the thought of cooked green pepper flavored soda pop makes me sad. that bitter slimy taste surrounded by sweet carbonation is just gag inducing.

Princess feet

Imagine chili pepper soda.

wow this series has really chugged along. 150+ chapters already. pretty good

thanks for dumping
this chapter is really relatable

Gimmicky flavour is gimmicky. Many such cases

Me when people try to talk about anime they dropped early on

What is Dr. Pepper made of anyways? It always had a weird aftertaste to me.

>talking before she even tried the meme flavor
Is this a new low?

It’s in the name user.
And some doctor

Are there like only 10 people on Any Forums who reads this?

Now it's 10, yes