Do you prefer series which have exceptional highs but also extreme lows...

Do you prefer series which have exceptional highs but also extreme lows, or series which are consistent in their quality but never quite reaching exceptional highs?

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I prefer series that aren't shounenshit.

I prefer series that are shounenkino.

>consistent in their quality
This is true, but...

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kek, based

No idea what you're implying, because FMA is pure garbage.

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>FMA so forgotten threads die after 3 replies
>needs to rely on CHADruto now
KEK. What went wrong?

Boruto is still around and Naruto both raised a generation and accumulated enough salt to last for years.

The former because once the exceptional highs do their job I can always delude myself about the Extreme lows

I only watch series that are consistently great.
>but user you gotta watch gintama it gets great after 200 eps
Sorry I'm too old for that shit now.

I prefer NEITHER!

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Gintama is so a decade ago

I choose something that's exceptionally low that you can't do anything but watch it crash and burn.

Good question
I'd say exceptional highs and lows generally, if the low is a terrible ending though then i'd prefer consistent

I still remember every major moment from Naruto as if I saw it yesterday while I can barely remember anything of FMA, especially Brotherhood.

damn you are right, the fuck

How did FMAB even end? I forgot.

I don’t really care about highs and lows as long as there’s something you can cling to and enjoy. Naruto sucked ass but it had some cool shit in it and some of the bad shit leads to good shitposting and discussion. The worst thing a series can do is bring nothing to the table worth talking about. Obito is a fucking poorly done villain but the depths of how shitty he is in execution and concept is still something people discuss

A great series can be completely ruined by a terrible ending, a sufficiently retarded plot reveal, or character assassination. That's the worst. If that's what you mean, a comfy b-grade anime is definitely better.

This is what happened to SnK, the ending was so bad people on Any Forums deny that it was ever even half decent. or that anyone here ever liked it

That bad of an ending is rare though for popular anime, Naruto and even Bleach's endings weren't that bad compared to SnK.

I bet you the results for this aren't even that much and you're overblowing it.

>How did FMAB even end?

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