Grancrest Senki

Why did Any Forums dislike it ? It was by far the best fantasy anime of the last 5 years.

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I'm sure a lot of people got filtered by the first few episodes.

>promote yoursefl as a classic fantasy but instead nothing happens except cuckshit

What Any Forums likes or dislikes is irrelevant because it's filled with incel neckbeards with some of the worst tastes and opinions imaginable.


I really liked it.
This and memed rape prince episode.
Shame, it was really cool anime even if rushed toward the end.
But it still gets bonus points for being 24 eps with actual ending.

Post the webms.

I remember watching this from start to finish, and not really enjoying it all that much. Not enough to drop it, but not enough to really praise it either. All I remember is that the dude had a glowing crest on his hand that grew when he defeated others with glowing crests.


They didn't animate Jana's sex scene

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I only know this anime for the rape so I guessed it probably wasn't very good since it was the only thing people cared about it

the only time it gained traction on Any Forums:

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Have you considered that judging anime by how much people talk about it is a horrible idea? There are so many series that people only "remember" for one or two things but are actually great if you actually get engaged and pay attention to them and not let outsiders influence your opinions and expectations of them like a retarded monkey.

I'm guessing breakneck pacing, also that vampire and werewolves episode was horrible dropped it right there

Second half was fun as hell, albeit full of quality.
I liked how the main antagonist literally got away with everything

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Just recently checked this episode's discussion on MAL and they were seething about.

>Jana's sex scene
Who was fucking her? One of those Rossini jobbers?
Don't tell me it was (you)

>dumb bitch is engaged to prince she is in love with
>bad guys interrupt their wedding because they want them to fight
>instead of continuing to marry prince start fighting like bad guys want
>sells virginity to arab for help but he jobs in the next episode
>does everything wrong but still gets taken back by prince in the end
at least it had good side characters

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Hey, naked spartans were top tier.

This. I watched a couple of episodes and they were really weak. I know it gets wild after a while but having to sit through a shit beginning is a very hard sale.

I'll get it out of my backlog sooner or later