Made in Abyss

The sun is about to shine upon the village of Iruburu. Are you ready?

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So why does he look a hobo and a chad at the same time?

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I thought the sun was already always shining I'm the 6th layer. What do you mean?

That's what Ganja does to a man.

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Sou desu, watashi wa Fluffzen.

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Have you guys warmed up to the ED yet? I remember initially anons hated it, even before hearing the damn song just because it was Myth & Roid

Would you try the baby soup if you weren't in a life threatening situation?

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What's wrong with Myth and Roid? As long as you know every song will sound the same I think Myth and Roid sounds pretty good.

Upon my name as Ozen, the immovable Lord.

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How long was Vueko chained in the basement and what did she eat down there?

I really like the refrain, i.e. the part that is sung during the actual ending sequence. The rest of the song? Pretty underwhelming.

I didn't like it at first but after I saw the ED animation it started to grow on me. It's gotten to the point that in the last few episodes being about the flashback the lyrics of the ED are actually making me tear up.

I love Prushka so much

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She was down there for about 150 years. She didn't have to eat anything because she was kept alive and healthy by being connected to Iru. In return she used her body to comfort all the goop children that were there with her.

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Man, the fanart for the last two episodes has been incredible, especially love these type of references. Is it all from JP twitter?

I watched the whole manga but I kinda skimmed through the village part because it was super long and tedious. Is there anything good coming up in the next few episodes? No spoilers plox.

>the villagers are all into fucking what they eat.

She’s so fucking hot…

>Is it all from JP twitter?
Yes. The Japanese fanbase is overall so much better than the western one it is baffling.

Go back and read it properly you nigger

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Riko found a new relic!

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