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Watched the anime and about to start the manga, it was hilarious and the girls are adorable. Girls looking for love are the best. Has Any Forums seen or read it?

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I really enjoyed both anime and manga. I'm afraid the latter will never be fully translated though, thing's simply cursed.

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I watched it OP. It was a fun anime. God bless.

Yeah I wish there would be more anime but I guess teenage girls lusting after teenage boys are not selling well in Japan

I see that, looks like the 2 volumes before the last one aren't translated?
God bless.
What I think you're getting at is that it's not common to have girl protags wanting a relationship and eventually meeting guys without a self insert MC to structure everything into a wish fulfillment scenario. Which is probably true. But there are other seinen series like that.
Also, Riko best girl.

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>Yeah I wish there would be more anime but I guess teenage girls lusting after teenage boys are not selling well in Japan
They can if it's isekai

I don't watch/read much isekai but I've never heard of a seinen isekai with female protags, let alone where they're teenagers and there's romance with non-self-insert male characters.

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Azumanga Daioh and this manga are the only two CGDCT that I have ever liked

Yeah I watched it an enjoyed it very many years ago, haven't re-watched it recently though.

Rip royal

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>Also, Riko best girl.
I like the Jewish girl more.


Any Forums is full of purityfags, some of which go as far as to believe that a girl wanting to be with a guy at all already brands them a "slut." You're better off not mentioning decent anime here.

>saying this when Hibike/Kumiko is one of Any Forumsā€˜s favourite shows/girls

>wild one wild one

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For me, is Enomoto then Mizushima

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She is the cutest by far.

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This, Enomoto and her eyebrows were adorable.

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How did they get away with this scene?

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