Kanojo, Okarishimasu


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The fish live!

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Suddenly, foreigner otaku.

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The attack of filipinos.

kazuya suicide kinospread motherfucking any day now

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the strongest race

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I hate Choriputa so goddamn much

>Just like that!?
Yes client-kun, just like that.


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Garchomp? So Reiji's a Pokemon fan? Or is Mini the Pokemon fan?

Anyway, that is all for this week's chapter.

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What the fuck is his plan anyway? Have Kazuya stay at Chizuru's place? Have ecchi hijinks there or something?

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No, the manga has so little progress per week that chapter day is anything but a great day. Chizuru lied to us!

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Leeel she really did kick him out of his family home.


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Dishonestry at its peak.
She doesn't feel sad at all.
Fucking editor, you better stop misleading us,because we already know what's up on Reiji's mind.

He doesn't live there anyway. And Grandma's suggestion is a valid one... or it would've been if the two liars were actually dating.

Reiji's must memeing isn't he?

Literally Mini seems to be more concerned.

So what's happening next week anyway?

>anime fan
That's actually very accurate.