Why do girls' butts get censored while boys' butts aee shown in anime?

Why do girls' butts get censored while boys' butts aee shown in anime?

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girls are yucky
boys are cute

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Gay and retarded.

Same reason as for nipples

because BD

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Why not find out the answer in one of the other threads?

they don't.
you are blind.

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Men and women are not equal and should not be treated as such.

But it's the same body part

What part of not equal do you understand?

you're right.
it's time we start becoming an amazonian society.
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>dude bro we're all made of atoms and shit it's all the same

Why isn't equal though? It is the same body part.

What anime you've been watching?

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Why do you rightoids want your entertainment to be as miserable and boring as real life is?

I have seen it happen in a lot of anime

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That doesnt help your argument. Why should butts be treated differently? This isnt like male and female nipples