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Chisato looked oddly genki after using the toilet

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Imagine being Mika, Shinji, and Fuki and being exposed to Chisato's chisatos on a regular basis for years.

Repost because I forgot the pic.

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Still waiting for the next episode's previews.

You are gonna wait a while

>toilet scene one episode
>poop parfait the next
Was it on purpose?

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imagine the taste

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Takina tastes her every day.

she took a big nasty shit

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Chisato looked oddly genki the next day after having a great time with Mika.

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>Chisato is the fanservice girl
>gets most of the fanservice in the show
>"She has only two months left to live"
Are they trying to make people feel bad for fapping to her?

She was genki because she served him food.

Do we really have to wait until Friday?

>tfw no chisato gf

Thursday, they used to come out on tuesdays but we can't have nice things.

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Thursday Japan time?

We know Takina.

Why is she so mad?

Even her thighs are lethal weapons.

>Thursday Japan time?

I think so I am not really good with timezones

I would be willing be killed by those thighs.

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Just be glad that Takina isn't as annoying as Ume.

Yeah looks like Thursday

Who's Ume?

Can wallnut do some kind of asspull and create a perpetual energy source for chisato?

They'd have to remove the heart first. But didn't they already say in the episode that the heart parts can't be replaced?

Anything is possible with "quantum computers".

Yes. Anything is possible with anime.

thak god Yuki's not a main character

They don't have the technology yet.

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The lesbo bitch from Ben-To, author's previous work. Seems to be the author's favorite, too.

Who's Yuki?

How is she like Takina?

Well if they have the technology to make an advanced artificial heart, I don't see how a longer-lasting replacement battery is out of the question. Plus, couldn't they just make a new one?

She just needs to squirt into Chisato's mouth.