Who's your fave character from Slime?

Who's your fave character from Slime?
Or top three, idk

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Veldora, Geld and Milim

Agree with Veldora and Milim, but not Geld. Probably Rimuru himself actually.

Shuna, Luminus, Milim

#1: Milim
While the "old and powerful being who acts like a child" trope is kind of overplayed and always feels off, I reckon Milim is an exception.
I'd go so far as to say that she's a pretty natural archetype for a Demon Lord. She never found a purpose in life after everything fell apart for her, and she's powerful to the point of never needing to work towards anything, so she's just been wandering around as a vagabond for millenia. I get the impression that she views everything around her as just a fun curiousity that popped up one day in her lonely endless life.
Also, a unique detail about her is that her memory doesn't seem to be much better than a human's, unlike all the other ancient characters in the series. She can probably only remember the last century or so with decent clarity, which is probably a big part of why she's never settled down or matured, and why everything seems so new and fun in Tempest.
My only complaint about her is that so little is revealed about her. Clayman has a spinoff that's exploring his character in far more depth than the main series ever did, so I hope we can one day get the same thing with Milim.

#2: Rimuru
Just a really solid and versatile protagonist. Probably doesn't need any explanation to anyone who's watched the series.

#3: Shizu
This is largely limited to the Diaries spinoff, but it's seriously impressive how complex of a role she manages to play as a dead character.
For example, Rimuru inherited fragments of her personality and memories, making him part-Shizu; yet he has a terribly poor understanding of what Shizu was actually like since he never knew her besides a brief encounter, which seems to give him a bit of an identity crisis. None of this stuff is directly said, though it is implied.
And of course she's the common thread linking numerous characters.

Shion. Milim and Ramiris are fun, too.

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I'd top him if you konw what I mean

>every answer contains Milim
I'm glad we can all agree on something
You all appreciate her as a well-written and interesting character, rather than just for her clothing choices, right?

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Shizu is top cute, wouldn't mind a short spin off.

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My man

I need to check this series out.

I love these cloacas.

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Lucky vampire.

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Ranga, Diablo, Geld. In that order.

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Rimuru, Carrera, Testarossa. Although I started warming up to Ultima a bit more with her cat-larping cameo in the Trinity spin-off, she's far from my top 3. Right next to the top 3 would be GS/R/C and after that probably Rain.

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It goes Shion > Geld > Luminous for me.
Shion has booba and I fetishize women that can fucking kill me. Geld has a lot of development especially in the spinoff manga and it's hard not to like him. Luminous starts of as bitch with a god complex, but then you find out she's just a horny dyke and becomes a fun character in the later LNs

>Shion has booba and I fetishize women that can fucking kill me

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Shion a shit, everyone knows Diablo is the best.

Diablo, Tatsuya, Guy or Dagruel

This series really needed Slime Diaries, I unironically think it needs to be continually adapted alongside the main series. There are too many characters fighting for screen time.

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Geld became my favorite after the spin off he is too good and I only wish happiness for him. For my second and third would be rimuru and gobta. Rimuru is just a fun protagonist and is the reason I love this show and gobta is just based.

>gobta is just based

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this cow

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Of course.

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