Weekly Shounen Sunday

I bet you didn't even know this magazine's lineup.

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If it's not in WSJ it doesn't matter

I know that Conan and Tonikaku Kawaii are in it. Can't remember the rest.

Detective Conan the magazine.

What ever happened to the weekly Sunday dumps?

My wife Mugi is so smart.

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I remember last week, someone dumped Sunday with Golden Spiral and I'm pretty sure there was a thread the week before that too.

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Viz should really do EN ver of webry

Dumper got permabanned IIRC.

Yofukashi no Uta, right?

>No MIkadono this week

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When did this happen?

I'm only following the Mikadono siblings.

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Series by Kenichi guy
Series by Claymore guy
Inuyasha 2
MMA from haikyuu assistant
Series featuring Amano Megumi's evil twin's FAT FUKIN TITTIES
Vampire Nightlife that's only recognized because of anime
Animal disection
Baseball hiatus
Baseball without hiatus
Editor gag farming

>Series by Kenichi guy
what is it

>Series featuring Amano Megumi's evil twin's FAT
Kek I thought that was Magazine's.


Last thread I found was this: desuarchive.org/a/thread/226064802/

I swear I heard someone said this was getting the axed a couple of years ago but still it is here today.

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Been carrying the magazine since 1994.

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They recently have identified their own World Trigger.

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You weren't him?

Kek I love how Gin got BTFO at the end of this one.

Is that why it's constantly on hiatus now?