This is a smile I want to annihilate

This is a smile I want to annihilate.

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I want to walk her home gently

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Bat is better and won.

There are so many other women in the story so how did she manage to be the worst of them all?

you just got crabs up your ass

I need to impregnate Ougi's pussy and then make HER switch to male-Ougi just so HE can breed my ass!!

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That’s Cat. Crab has the best arcs in the series.

She has a very punchable face

>muh Cat
>muh Snake

You mean the two characters who exist only as punching bags to make Crab look better and fellate Crab? Nisio's cheap tricks worked on you I guess.

mad cuz you lost

>These characters are worse than this other character only to make that character look better
You sound like a salty bitch. And how do you explain them being worse than Monkey and snail then?

Monkey gets shit on too. So does Math. I'm just saying these are typical tactics for retarded narcissistic haremfags who put themselves on a pedestal.

Doll > all

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I get the impression Nisio himself is very much a cold, self-absorbed asshole.

Impregnate the crabs

What does that have to do with what I said?
Crab still has the best written arcs in the series.

Would Bat molest RRRG's kid?

Crab and snake are objectively shit personalities attached to hot bodies.

I think I hate everyone in this series. Especially Araragi and Crab.

>her second arc is more about Kaiki and Nadeko
>her third arc is more about Ougi
Her arcs aren't even her own for the most part.

Unfathomably based and narcissistpilled, people need to understand that fucking yourself is the only truly good option for enlightened individuals