Dragon Ball Super

Akira Toriyama’s latest thoughts on DBS: SUPER HERO!

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Yeah, of course he liked it. Its basically everything he originally wanted to do with the Buu arc but with an older Gohan instead.

Just took a massive shit in the toilet, ask me anything.

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McDonald's or Burger King?

88% percent drop.

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Why does Toriyama hate the diaper duo?

Surpasses RoF internationally and Broly domestically.

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Subway actually, with a can of soda.

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>barely half of Broly's numbers

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No Great Saiyaman was a let down.

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>me after another fine job of fixing time.

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Don't forget it's over double the theatres.

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>SHITvie thread
>Panpedos show up
Makes you think.

How did Bejita approved of his daughter looking like a harlot?

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Pokemon is untouched by Super Flop btw. They all backtracked.

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Thank GOD for the GODnga saving us from this soulless, pedo attracting cashgrab.

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Your image could have just been named Pan.png

Why is Pan blushing here?

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I like his Piccolo outfit and antennas.

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That's not a photograph.

Whoah king bejita is so strong and cool

>Panpedos arrive
>Immediately ruin thread
How do they do it?


And here?

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Well he’s a robot so.

He hopes it will entice Men to mate with her in the hopes of producing a Male.

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DBS would have been much better if they had made anybody the main character but Goku and Vegeta. Why can't shounens lower the power ceiling by focusing on weaker characters? Their personal stories still have just as much impact

Why is the CHADnga so much better than the SHITnime?

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Say his name.

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2nd strongest human.

3rd strongest human*.
Muten Roshi

King Vegeta

Why didn't Pan turn into Oozaru?

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I really liked the extra worldbuilding we got this arc

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