Kaguya manga

after aka apex break gook scans will come out about 6 hours

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i dont care anymore. its been on job security mode for 2 years now

I wanted to ask for spoilers, but it's the Tsubasa crap continuation and closure. I rather have the remaining chapters order already.

My guess
>Tsubasa, Nagisa, Maki 1
>Tsubasa, Nagisa, Maki 2
>Ishigami, Osaragi, Miko 1
>Ishigami, Osaragi, Miko 2
>Kaguya and Prez 1
>Kaguya and Prez 2

Disclaimer that I don't support IshiMiko but I bet one final bait or Aka confirming them. it's 50-50. It could be next stuco stuff related too.

IshiMiko chads are getting a spin-off

What happened to the early text/image leaks? Did the chinks lose interest in the manga?

Greatly looking forward to the final Hayachapter, if she's not having a baby with Prez in the epilogue she better practice kissing with Fujiwara

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I wouldn't bother leaking anything about the Maki love triangle either.

Been a while. Almost forgot about these.

For a long time now. Barely any detailed spoilers the past 40-50 chapters saved for Shiranui playing games with Ishi or some Miko bait chapters.

>Wasting chapters on Nagisa shit
Fucking retard

Reminder Hayasaka doesn't love Prez and Prez only loves Kaguya.

Reminder Prez only loves Hayasaka and will dump Kaguya.

Reminder the prez only loves ishigami and will make an honest woman (male) out of him

Replace the Mikado chapter with pic related and that's my prediction.

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>implying Osaragi and Mikado
>implying Osaragi would be bundled with Ishigami and Miko

Spoilers for ants are out in Baidu. Looks like the family curse finally took effect.

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Kek, glad that Aka wasn't afraid of finishing the joke he set so long ago.

based, Maki dodged a bullet.


I guess Nagisa is all over that dish now.

they are minors! Shouldn't they be in jail after this?

Osaragi is not that important and had no more loose plot threads, she would be featured in only one of the parts at best.

>Whole chapters about how Nagisa didn't really care for him
>Well, guess I will have to raise a child with him now
Sure, he is just pushing the joke he set up a long time ago, but... you know, kinda of a bad end for the slut.