Nagamonday is still a week away

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Why did I wake up today then?

>Paisen's with Hayacchi again today
Yoshi looks different in class and with friends

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Oh what?
I'm up for no reason? Dammit

but Naga nails are right now

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Been awhile since I posted an update
It is still BokuYaba Monday, if that's any consolation

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And so... The wait begins again

I'm worried, STALKER died on the Senko-san thread.

I love Yoshi!

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The sequel: Gamo got this horny by reading biology books.
She didn't found her mother's favorite JAVs.

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All who shall imply there are redditors and discord users among Nagatorochads shall suffer Janny-sama's delete post hammer. You hear that, incels?

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STALKER died midway through the senko-San dump yesterday. Nagatoro is kill.

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>jannies are redditors
Who'da thunk

So she finally knows what sex is?

>Gamo sees all the "She Will Never Score!" memes
>Decides to rape Ichiro
>What's he going to do? Call the cops?

maybe he's innawoods again...
maybe he had a yokai encounter....
you can't have an SKS in Japan.....

Why is she so perfect bros?

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What if they sleep together?

Damn, they located the cunny cabinet after all these years.