Would you let Sayu stay at your place?

Would you let Sayu stay at your place?

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she is not a virgin

yes, I would make her my onahole

I would like to make her my personal cum dump in exchange of food and living space.

No, she probably steal something or kill me in my sleep. They are always trying to do terrible things in the night.

I would manage her OnlyFans and we'll be rich.

They? Who do you mean they?

Honestly I would probably be like the MC. Let her stay provided she kicks in some rent and help around the place. Getting sexual would depend. I don’t have the MC’s philosophy in that area so I guess it would be up to fate.

A case already happened.
The guy who took the runaway got arrested simply because he didn't inform the cops and her parents

So, yeah.
That's that

Why of course.

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You're not allowed to sex her.


Assuming no legal repercussions, sure. Wouldn't sex her too, she needs to relearn that she can be loved for who she is, and not just for her body.

I would boil lot of eggs but she had to be drunk

How many times you need to ask me, walking aids? The answer is eternal BIG NO.

Yes, but she gets treated as if she were below my dog.

The MC of this show was the biggest fag ever for refusing to bang that

Why not though, is she an underage

Help pay rent and keep the place clean and she can. I'm 32 and I am not tapping that.

what else is she good for?

Her organs are still fresh