Does she become a virgin every time she changes into a girl?

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Everything you think you know about virginity you learned from porn and old wives tales


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If she does, then it means he regains his virginity (both, penis and anal) when he reverts to a man, Guess that those are good news for Ryoga.

Stop trying to trick me into believing women don't come with hymens you semen bucket.

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The Hymen is a muscle that becomes weaker over time as other nearby muscle groups are used, as a result Ranma likely wouldn't have a hymen. Either that or the Hymen is as strong as steel and attempting sex would see your dick snapped on such a powerful muscle.

Yes. Unless red haired girl was not a virgin when she was drowned.
When he transforms into the girl, the girl body is in the state in which it died. When he changes back to male his body is in the state it was at the last transformation.
He has the fountain of youth but is so upset about gender norms and being a teenager that he does not notice it.

>14 year old girl in ancient china
yeah, nah, she would have been married with 3+ kids when she drowned

I thought she was flat? Why isAkane so breedable?

Hard to say, but probably not. Ranma's tits canonically get bigger throughout the series, so the transformation changes instead of reverting to the original form.

Ranma is the tits character and Akane is a ass character, but that doesn't mean they don't have the other
either way Ranma is a lot more breedable and would make for a better housewife once mindbroken

You won't make it to the pearly gates with this

Strange, because what I think is biologically correct.
A female is born with a hymen.

Virginity = male haven't touched or penetrated the entrance of the vagina.
finger, dick, tongue etc.
As long as nothing has entered, ruptured or even massaged the place were the hymen is or were it once were she's still a virgin.
Self touch such as masturbation does not rob a female of her virginity, but if she puts something inside her she's devaluing her self.

Just like a car with no owners that have been turned on and revved before it was sold.

I can't find joy in Ranma anymore. I feel like it's ruined for me now.

Why is that anonymous? Don't let shitposters obsessed with having sex ruin things for you.

male virginity doesn't exist

with ranma

>magic changes every aspect of him from male to female
>trying to equate it with troon shit
Kill yourself.

he's a bro, and what bro doesn't let himself get brutally fucked by his other bros if he can turn into a chick?

Then what's with all these incels

literally early or late stages of mental illness
also their problem is validation from society and not the sex part, hence why they don't seek prostitutes